Golden Women Main Scholarship Winner

Pursuing Masters Degree in Prevention Science, Practice and Certificate of Advanced Study in Counseling

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Why continuing an education is so important to her:

As a Black woman, I see continuing my education as a victory for my family, my gender, and my community. I am a first generation college graduate, and the first person in my hometown to be admitted to an ivy league for graduate study. While I am extremely blessed, I have had to overcome many obstacles to get to graduate school. Throughout my life, I’ve navigated through cyclic poverty, depression, broken relationships with my parents, and many other experiences that are not uncommon for a lot of youth today.

It is my hope to use my upbringing and life experiences to help enhance the quality of education- especially concerning mental health- for students of color. Continuing an education matters so much to me because of the myriad of social, political, and economic barriers that exist that oftentimes hinder people who come from a similar socioeconomic status or ethnic background as myself from obtaining post-secondary educational opportunities. I strive to continue my education so that my younger family members and children who grew up unloved, overlooked, or underrated, understand that they can accomplish any goal they set their minds to with enough self-advocacy, patience, and dedication.

Nasia proudly supports:

  • Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated Mu Alpha Chapter
  • First Church of God Center of Hope : Hope Kidz Teacher
  • Vice Provost Initiative for Pre College Scholars (VIPS): Mentor
  • Afrikan Student Union at UCLA
  • Afrikan Graduation Committee Black & White Ball Chair 2015-2016

Nasia, what does the term “Golden Women” mean to you?

The term Golden Women represents resilience and royalty. I view Golden Women as individuals who strive to create uplifting spaces where others can learn, develop, and grow. A Golden Woman dedicates the best that is within her to make the world around her a more productive and inclusive place. It represents a community of women who hold themselves with high esteem and cultivate self-awareness and perseverance in others. The term also evokes images of the Yellow Tea Rose, which exudes both strength and radiance, as Golden Woman exhibit.

Nasia, describe something that is plaguing young women today and explain what can be done to turn it around? What can you do to help?

An alarming amount of young girls and women have either been sexually abused/harassed or know someone who has gone through this experience. I think that schools can do a better job of incorporating sexual violence into health education as well as raising awareness about consent at an early age. One of my goals to help combat this issue is to write a book that teaches elementary students about their bodies and how to respond if someone inappropriately engages with them. In addition, I’m working on a video series about the impact of sexual abuse on women’s self-esteem and they ways in which they exhibit and receive love.