Golden Women

Gold has to be refined and endure a substantial process to become the precious metal we know it to be. Life has a way of refining our character while our life experiences and paths outline our process. If we allow it, we could become valuable to our families, our communities and ourselves, making us Golden too.

Here are some Golden Women who are giving back to their communities, by any means. Read their inspiring stories here:

Rashunda Rene

Founder/Executive Director, C.U.S.P.

(Committed to Uplifting Single Parents)

Rashunda Rene has more than 10 years of financial operation experience for a major corporation, and is the driving force and Founder of C.U.S.P. (Committed to Uplifting Single Parents), a registered 501(c) (3) nonprofit in Los Angeles California, whose mission is to empower and assist single parents with the difficult challenges of parenthood through a range of financial and social services which will allow them to provide safe and loving homes for their children.

In addition to her role in the corporate arena, and with C.U.S.P., Ms. Rene is also the Coordinator for South-LA-Saves. South-LA-Saves stresses good saving behavior and supports individuals and families to save money, reduce debt, and build wealth.


Tina Admans

Chairman & President, Minds Matter of Los Angeles

Tina co-founded the LA chapter of Minds Matter in 2010 and has served as President and Chair since. Tina is Director of Business Operations at American Public Media’s radio program Marketplace. Previously, Tina was owner and principal consultant at Pindari Associates, a business transformation consulting company. Prior to Pindari Associates, she was CIO and SVP Financial Shared Services with Panavision, the market leader and Academy Award winning provider of camera and lighting services for the film and television industry.


Nichole Sylvester

Founder of Lib(H)erate

Nichole Sylvester is a mother, entrepreneur and philanthropist with a commitment to personal and spiritual growth.

Nichole has overcome a lifetime of adversity, using her pain to propel her into a journey of self-discovery. Along the way she discovered the transformational power of meditation and self-inquiry. During this time she created 30 day programs to break limiting patterns and recreate her life. After experiencing radical change and redefining success as a single mother, she decided she must help other women realize their purpose and rediscover joy.


DeNika Turner-Stephens

Founder of Runway 4 Peace

DeNika Turner-Stephens, born and raised in Compton, Ca. She is a wife to her high school sweetheart, a mother to their awesome son, a mail lady for USPS and the founder of a non-profit organization, Runway 4 Peace, Inc. Her overall goal in life is to work hard to provide a great living for herself and an extravagant life for her family. The way her faith is setup in God, she knows He already has it written out for her to achieve it.