Nichole Sylvester

Founder of Lib(H)erate

Nichole Sylvester is a mother, entrepreneur and philanthropist with a commitment to personal and spiritual growth.

Nichole has overcome a lifetime of adversity, using her pain to propel her into a journey of self-discovery. Along the way she discovered the transformational power of meditation and self-inquiry. During this time she created 30 day programs to break limiting patterns and recreate her life. After experiencing radical change and redefining success as a single mother, she decided she must help other women realize their purpose and rediscover joy.

Nichole has a background in finance, having worked with some of the largest financial institutions in world throughout the past decade. A commitment to helping others guided Nichole into Philanthropy. In 2013 she created A Night Of Wonders, an annual fundraiser in Los Angeles, California benefiting The Small Wonders Foundation, raising over $30K to help children receive surgery. In 2014 Nichole partnered with The Alexandria House, a transitional shelter for women and children located in Los Angeles. To ensure the children had all they needed for the upcoming Holidays, she hosted an event to raise money and collect over 250 toys.

Realizing her passion for making change and her ability to bring people together she decided to create a community for females. Sylvester soon formed UPLEVEL with a vision of empowered women striving to make positive change in the World. In its second year, UPLEVEL transformed into LIB(H)ERATE to focus on women finding their personal freedom.

What called you to start Lib(H)erate and how did it all come together?

When I moved to Los Angeles I began to attend events and noticed that I enjoyed the feeling that I had at exclusively female events. I loved the energy that was created when empowered women supported other women. This felt almost magical to me. Eventually, I created a female mastermind where women could meet monthly to discuss goals, share ideas and hold one another accountable.

As my personal development progressed I caught a vision of making a greater impact by creating a global community for women. I transformed my life by creating 30 day programs for myself and I wanted to share these with other women. With that in mind, LIB(H)ERATE was then birthed.

LIB(H)ERATE is an intentional community for women committed to personal growth and living a life of purpose. In select cities ladies can meet for monthly group success sessions. Women from across the globe can immerse themselves into the Lib(H)eration program, a 30 day personalized transformation and accountability course designed to break habits and create new and improved thought patterns.

How do you balance family and Lib(H)erate?

As a single mother it isn't always been easy but it's always worth it. I focus on my inner-guidance, allowing my intuition to check me when things are out of alignment. I was divinely guided to create LIB(H)ERATE so it doesn't feel like work to me, I'm pulled by that vision.

In my home communication is key. We discuss our dreams, joys and fears honestly. We check in to make sure we are feeling seen and heard. My daughter has played such a huge role in my work, she inspires me everyday. I discuss my plans and share my ideas with her, which can help blend my work/passions with my family life.

Advice you would give to someone who feels they don’t have the time to give back because they work full-time or are just too busy.

We all have time. It's whether we choose to make giving back a priority or not. As a parent I believe it's important to teach your children the benefit of being of service. There are so many people in need of love, attention, food, shelter, clothing, etc. what do you want to share? It could be as simple as requiring your child to donate toys right before birthday parties and Christmas or donating non perishable food items to a local mission.

I recommend creating fundraising events. I found great joy in creating events which generated much greater donations than I could provide on my own. These experiences changed my life for the better! I didn't have the money nor the time, yet I found a way to be resourceful and had so much fun while doing so.

How can we contact you and learn more about Lib(H)erate?

To learn more about working with me and becoming a part of the LIB(H)ERATE community visit

I can be contacted directly at