Golden Women Foundation is a charitable organization with a mission to enhance the health, education, and careers of women through unity, mentoring, fellowship and scholarships while supporting and encouraging community engagement and service.

Golden Women Foundation understands that living and maintaining a positive and healthy lifestyle cannot be accomplished alone. We are committed to providing support to women through retreats, seminars, workshops and online for those who want to better themselves in all aspects of their lives. In return, they can make a meaningful, positive impact in their communities.

GWF represents everyday women, doing what they can, each having expertise and experience in everyday situations ready to encourage and ready to give. We invite you to support Golden Women Foundation whether it’s financially or helping to plan the next event.

Success cannot be achieved without support. Gold has to be refined and endure a substantial process to become the precious metal we know it to be. Life has a way of improving our character while our experiences and paths outline our process. If we allow it, we will become valuable to our families, our communities and ourselves, making us Golden too.

Alisha Hall