Keara Williams

2022 Golden Women

Book Scholarship Winner

Pursuing PhD in Education

UCLA Graduate School of Education

Why continuing an education is so important to her:

"Continuing an education is important to me because knowledge builds character, confidence, provides opportunities and build capital (Yosso, 2005). Receiving a PhD in Education will grant me the opportunity to be a college professor at a research institution where I will be able to mentor and support future Black women in their studies, quest for knowledge, and connect them with opportunities. Furthermore, my former experience as a high school English teacher made me fall in love with teaching students and helping them to find their passions and succeed in whatever they love to do. Education provides opportunities because of the expertise and various types of capital that is associated with having an educational experience."

Keara proudly supports:

Afrikan Women's Collective at UCLA

Afrikan Supports Program


Keara, what does the term “Golden Women” mean to you?

A Golden Woman is a woman who exudes leadership and care for herself and others. She exemplifies generosity, provides emotional and professional support, mentors other women, connects women with opportunities and advocate for equality of all women. She also recognizes when she is not her best self and takes the time to heal so that she is her best self when working with others. She has self-awareness.

Keara, describe something that is plaguing young women today and explain what can be done to turn it around? What can you do to help?

A major issue plaguing young women today is the lack of adequate role models and the lack of emotional and mental support. I can help turn this issue around by establishing a women's support group of Black women in South Central LA- where I am from. I stay in contact with many of my former students and many of them share that I was the only mentor they had or the only women who believed in them, cared for them, and checked in constantly. Because I was a full-time teacher at the time, I did not have the capacity to meet with them outside of school hours like I would have liked too. I hope to establish a community center or group where women can feel safe, can talk to other women, get financial help, job support, mentorship,, one-on-one care and other wrap-around services such as mental health and access to therapists.