Dionyà Jackson

2021 Golden Women

Book Scholarship Winner

Pursuing Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration

Arizona State University

Why continuing an education is so important to her:

"Receiving my Bachelors of Art degree in Business Administration at Arizona State University is important to me because I am a firm believer in finishing what you start. I have to be the example for my siblings, nieces and nephews, and future children. By finishing my degree it will open up doors for me that aren’t available to me as of yet. I started my college education in 2011 and I am committed to finishing it."

Dionyà proudly supports:

The Impact Project (TIP), Co-Founder

Dionyà, what does the term “Golden Women” mean to you?

Golden Women” to me means a person who shines on the inside and outside despite what is going on in their life. You will never know what's going on in their life because they don't wear their problems or show people they are hurting, not because they are ashamed to show vulnerability, but because they understand dwelling on your problem will keep you in a constant state of negativity. Someone who understands adversity will come and handles it with grace and humility until it develops a new skills they didn’t have before. We have to be intentional and apply the law of attraction in very aspect of our lives whether that’s mentally, spiritually, or emotionally. They all have to balance so we can have success in every area of our lives.

Dionyà, describe something that is plaguing young women today and explain what can be done to turn it around? What can you do to help?

The biggest thing that is plaguing young women in this generation is social media. Not only young women but people in general. Social media is a platform that is a gift and a curse. It can be a powerful tool and open up opportunities people didn't think are possible. However, it can also be negative because people start to compare their lives with people on social media. People think success happens overnight and that's not the case at all. What social media doesn't show is the money lost, late nights, and failed attempts, before we see success.