Bailey Tate


Golden Women Book Scholarship Winner

Pursuing Bachelors Degree in Biomedical Sciences

Colorado State University, Fort Collins

Why continuing an education is so important to her:

Continuing education is important to me because my dream is to become a veterinarian and to reach that dream I need 8 more years of schooling. I have also found that by continuing my education I had the privilege to meet and interact with very diverse group people that have taught me more than just school skills. I think it is hard to gain that experience anywhere else other than in an institution where everyone has a common goal of continuing their education. Its easier to connect and meet common souls. Without those interactions I feel that my dream of becoming a veterinarian would be impossible, the skills and eye opening experiences I learned from the diverse bunch at Colorado State University play a huge role in my future and help lead me to my goals. There is more to life than just knowledge and by going to college I have really found that there are many more opportunities to learn and gain life skills as well as school and career skills. Its the whole package!

Bailey proudly supports:

I am part of the Pre-Vet club at Colorado State University, This club gives volunteer opportunities specifically tailored to pre- vet students so they can gain valuable experience.

All Aboard Animal Rescue: I volunteered for a foster based dog rescue on Saturdays in fort Collins. I would help at the adoption fairs and help get as many dogs as possible find their forever homes.

In the past I helped organize several events for a local girl who had cancer the events always included silent auctions, donations, live bands, food, and activities to raise money. I participated in several relay for lifes to raise money for cancer awareness.

Bailey, what does the term “Golden Women” mean to you?

The term "Golden Women" means a woman that is following her dreams to better herself and others. It means a women who is fearless and will stand up for what she believes in even if no one else agrees. Golden women will fight for the change they want to see and wont stop till change is seen. They will go to drastic lengths for what is best for them selves and others. They are leaders and can even be followers but they follow what they believe and wont take the easy way out. A golden women is a mentor to other little girls. Golden women seek to teach their ways and don't just hope for change they strive and reach for the change they believe in.

Bailey, describe something that is plaguing young women today and explain what can be done to turn it around? What can you do to help?

I'm sure many women will say this but the fact that planned parenthood is in the process of being defunded at the federal level. Planned parenthood gives women free healthcare that they need to keep up reproductive health. It teaches women about risk factors and their bodies and leads to healthier women overall. By defunding this a basic right is being taken away from thousands of women. To turn this around women need to band together and demand change they need to call their representatives and explain their opinion they need to seek to educate others and while not being demeaning. Women and men need to educate themselves before voicing opinions so they are more credible. We need to demand that the facts and research be shown and demand that our representatives listen. I can continue to bring more women together by voicing my educated opinion I will continue to teach why women need this not just want this. I will not be demeaning but I will be forward and I will demand to be listened too.