Angela Bailey


Golden Women Book Scholarship Winner

Pursuing Bachelors Degree in Sociology

Chicago State University

Why continuing an education is so important to her:

I think about the importance of a college education and maintaining an excellent academic performance because reaching my career goals is critical to me. As a returning student, receiving a formal education is something I have always wanted to achieve. While the challenge is not an easy one, I find it most rewarding because getting a college education is what I have dreamed of my whole life. Achieving academic proficiency is a worthy goal, but it is only the starting line. My ability to apply high-rigor knowledge in a relevant, real-world setting needs to be the true finish line, instead of just an afterthought. I am excited about being a returning student because what I realize now is that I am more focused on my education. The globalization and rapid technological advancements are having a dramatic effect on the ways I communicate and conduct business, as well as in my personal life. Receiving the “Golden Women Scholarship” will ease some of the financial burden of securing my education. Getting my education will increase my knowledge as a student, and give me a better understanding of my career objective as well as the world around me. My short-term goal is to complete my Bachelor Degree, but with the cut backs, and trimming of the state budget, being selected for a scholarship would be very helpful to me. Setting realistic goals and accomplishing those goals is the very key to achieving and maintaining my academic success. I am grateful for the opportunity to apply for this scholarship.

Angela proudly supports:

I am a part of s research group for Black women who have survived breast cancer, where we meet two nights a week to work our and receive education on nutrition.

Member of Phi Theta Kappa honor society

Member of Gateways to Opportunity Registry

Director of Vernon Park Church Kitchen Ministry

Member of CSU TRIO/Student Support Services (SSS) program

Intern at the Illinois Hunger Coalition

Angela, what does the term “Golden Women” mean to you?

The term "Golden Women" mean that a woman has proven herself to be intelligent and self-sufficient. She sets her goals high and achieves them. She is able to balance her home life along with her career. She is kind and has compassion for mankind. She is a woman who has a relationship with God almighty. She is family oriented and always she puts them first. She is a friend to those that she claims as that. She is emotional, but does not always show it. When she enters a room, she is noticed before she even speaks. She is elegant and has style.

Angela, describe something that is plaguing young women today and explain what can be done to turn it around? What can you do to help?

It is my opinion that teenage pregnancy is plaguing young women today. Teen pregnancy is associated with negative consequences for both adolescents and, when pregnancy is carried to term, their child. The great majority of teen pregnancies are unintended. Some pregnancies end in abortion, but most end in a live birth. Even after accounting for the fact that teen mothers tend to be from disadvantaged backgrounds, teen parenthood is linked to greater welfare dependence soon after birth, and to poorer long-term educational outcomes, as well as instability in family structure. Child parenting classes teach parents the appropriate, non-aggressive discipline and ways to manage and correct misbehavior. Furthermore, the classes help parents recognize their strengths and use them when parenting. There is no excuse today for anyone not to know about how to prevent teen pregnancy or to prepare for teen parenting. There are free classes, programs and a plethora of information everywhere for those who are in need. What I can do to help is to be more informative with the young women that I come in contact with. Talking with them sharing with them what some of their options are to avoid becoming a teenage mother.